Elena Fischer-Dieskau combines precision, distinction, elegance, magical dexterity and infinite tenderness with a caressing touch on the piano and attentive communication with the orchestra, in the Schumann piano concerto.

Jounal DNA, France

Fischer-Dieskau's delicate hands produce a thunderous sound. [...] The young pianist enchanted the audience with her emotion-filled performance and inspired every last member of the audience.

Lena Reiner, Schwäbische Zeitung

The young pianist Elena Fischer-Dieskau delighted the audience
with her sensitive playing.
 She is an outstanding pianist full of passion, concentration and youthful energy that draws the audience to her.

Hans-Bernd Hennig, Böhme-Zeitung

The large dynamic spectrum across Brahms’ 16 Walzes op. 39 was scrupulously illuminated by Elena Fischer-Dieskau, as well as the characteristical complexity which binds them. The dainty young woman then shook the piano with Prokofiev's sonata op. 83. Elena Fischer-Dieskau began to play the seventh piano sonata with wild determination, alternating lyrical parts in lost "dreamworlds" with barbarian virtuosity. 


Andreas Guballa, DLZ


[...] Elena Fischer-Dieskau built this incredibly virtuosic piece (Franz Liszt's Dante Sonata) with a ruthless force but also a delicate differentiation in the lyrical parts.

Roland Dymke, WAZ

Entering the scene, the delicate and slender pianist Elena Fischer-Dieskau presented a great resemblance to a Jane Austin's novel young heroine. However, she turned herself into a warrior of sound and fury, as soon as she sat down on the piano. [...]

Fischer-Dieskau's expressive interpretation of Rachmaninov's second piano concerto, combined with her great technical mastery of the piano, was greeted by the audience with a standing ovation.

Movimento, Brazil