Whether Elena Fischer-Dieskau's phrasing, filled with life and expressive will, her cantabile, eavesdropping melodicism is due to the vocal heritage of her grandfather or to her pianistic mentor Alfred Brendel is a difficult question to answer.



With fantastic nuances and a rich and colourful sound, she tells the story of life. Yes, Elena Fischer-Dieskau is a musical storyteller in the best sense of the word. A magnificent young pianist.


(Piano News)

Edinburgh International Festival: the pianist's awe-inspiring performance made me realise the pain of a year without music. When the first key was struck, it was as if an alien force had spoken for the first time and I was filled with awe.


(The Scotsman)

Fischer-Dieskau draws us through Kreisleriana's labyrinth with a sensitivity to its quiet recesses and magical lyric stillnesses, as well as its bluster.


(The Times)

From the start of the Op. 116 Fantasies, Elena Fischer-Dieskau's determination to make her own mark on this music is clear ... the pianist combining intimacy with a sense of storytelling ... she brings an apt breathless quality to Brahms' chordal writing.


(Gramophone Magazine)

No channel of expression is left unexplored... Fischer-Dieskau is complementing Schumann's subtleties of phrasing and texture.


(The Scotsman ****)

Elena Fischer-Dieskau gives us Brahms played with the sort of style of which her grandfather would have approved.


(Gramophone Magazine)

Fischer-Dieskau's articulate fingering packs a powerful punch and her close attention to the blend of her playing with the orchestra is always apparent.


(The Herald ****)

This is easily some of the best playing I have heard in recent listening and I can't imagine there will be much to knock it off my best of the year list.



Pianist Elena Fischer-Dieskau brought exciting drama and an infectious sparky attitude to Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No.1. Her approach is bold and authoritative and her touch dreamily sensitive in the development passages. Fischer-Dieskau made the fearsome chord sequences and double octave runs look easy, hurtling towards an exciting finish.


Fischer-Dieskau has brought a corresponding Romantic spirit and heroic poeticism that you can happily lose yourself in, along with a wide dynamic and colouristic range, and crystal-clear part voicing through even the thickest-textured and most tumultuous writing.



The delicate and slender pianist Elena Fischer-Dieskau presented an expressive interpretation of Rachmaninov's second piano concerto, combined with great technical mastery. She was greeted by the audience with a standing ovation.


Elena Fischer-Dieskau combines precision, distinction, elegance, magical dexterity and infinite tenderness with a caressing touch and attentive communication with the orchestra in Robert Schumann's piano concerto.

(DNA- Dernieres Nouvelles d'Alsace)

Fischer-Dieskau's delicate hands produce a thunderous sound. The young pianist enchanted the audience with her emotion-filled performance and inspired every single member of the audience.

(Schwäbische Zeitung)

The young pianist delighted the audience with her sensitive playing. She is an outstanding pianist full of passion, concentration and youthful energy, who draws the audience to her.


The large dynamic spectrum across Brahms’ 16 Walzes op. 39 was illuminated by Elena Fischer-Dieskau, as well as the characteristical complexity which binds them. The young woman then shook the piano with Prokofiev's seventh Sonata, playing with wild determination, alternating lyrical parts in lost "dreamworlds" with barbarian virtuosity. 


(Dithmarscher Landeszeitung)


Elena Fischer-Dieskau built this incredibly virtuosic piece by Franz Liszt, Dante Sonata, with a ruthless force but also a delicate differentiation in the lyrical parts.

(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

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